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How To Fix computer & Protect Your Computer

The Problem

computer critical errors among others, can occur when your computer operating system becomes corrupted. Opening programs and browsing online will be slower and your   When you have multiple applications running, you may experience crashes and freezes. There can be numerous causes of these errors but most however are easy to fix, providing you have the correct protection.

You can dramatically protect yourself against harmful viruses and  improve the performance of your machine when you address all the problems just mentioned. In order to fix your errors and protect PC, it is recommended that you download the Windows Repair Tool from ScanGuard. This is an advanced Antivirus solution like no other that can repair all the problems that make you vunertable when online. ScanGuard is a full protection suite for the whole family and for every device safegauyrding your identity,online purvchadsees and broswing online from harmful viruses.

Recommended: In order to repair your computer computer, download and use ScanGuard 2017 below. This Antivirus & Optimization suite will locate, identify, and fix any errors errors and 

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There are many reasons why Windows errors happen, including being infected with malware and spyware, or programs not installing properly. You can have all kinds of system conflicts, registry errors, and Active X errors. PC Mechanic 2016 is a safe and reliable program that specializes in Windows repair. It scans and diagnoses, then repairs, your damaged PC using an effective and secure technology.

A FREE Scan (approx. 3-5 minutes) into your PC's Windows Operating System detects problems across 4 main categories, including: Windows Registry Errors, Performance & Speed Issues, Excessive Startup Programs and Junk Files.

Windows ® Errors

A Windows error is an error that happens when an unexpected condition occurs or when a desired operation has failed. When you have an error in Windows, it may be critical and cause your programs to freeze and crash or it may be seemingly harmless yet annoying.

Blue Screen of Death

A BSoD is displayed by Windows operating system upon encountering a critical error, of a non-recoverable nature, that causes the system to crash and is the error screen displayed by the Microsoft® Windows family of operating systems.

Damaged DLLs

DLL's becoming corrupt/damaged mostly caused by constantly installing and uninstalling programs. This often means that newer versions will overwrite DLL files when a new program is installed, for example. This causes problems for other applications and programs that might still need the old version to operate. Thus, these programs might malfunction and crash.

Freezing Computer

Computer hanging or freezing occurs when either a program or the whole system ceases to respond to inputs. In the most commonly encountered scenario, a program freezes and all windows belonging to the frozen program become static. In most cases, the only way to recover from a system freeze is to reboot the machine, usually by power cycling with an on/off or reset button.

Virus Damage Remnants

Once your computer has been infected with a virus, it's no longer the same. After removing it with your anti-virus software, you're often left with lingering side effects. Technically, your computer might no longer be infected, but that doesn't mean it's error-free. Even simply removing a virus can actually harm your system.

There are two ways to fix Windows Error:

Advanced Computer User Solution (manual update):

  1. Start your computer and log on as an administrator.
  2. Click the Start button then select All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then click System Restore.
  3. In the new window, select "Restore my computer to an earlier time" option and then click Next.
  4. Select the most recent system restore point from the "On this list, click a restore point" list, and then click Next.
  5. Click Next on the confirmation window.
  6. Restart the computer when the restoration is finished.

Novice Computer User Solution (completely automated):

  1. Download Windows repair utility.
  2. Install the program and let it run a full PC scan.
  3. Click the Start Repair button when scan is completed.
  4. Restart your computer.


How to use Mac arrow key shortcuts like a pro

We've got some handy shortcuts that help you out when you're working on documents on the MacBook family of computers or using any smaller Mac keyboard that lacks the numeric keypad.


I have a problem with the way the Up and Down arrow keys work on my MacBook Air: Whenever I hold down Command + Up/Down arrows, the page jumps to either the very top of the document or the very bottom. Is there a way to change this so that the Up/Down arrow keys move the document in single-page increments?


If you're used to a Windows computer, then move to a MacBook and try using the page up/down command, then the way the Mac handles this may be a bit jolting to you. Fortunately, there is a way to do exactly what you need, and it involves the mysterious and oft-unutilized fn key on the lower-left of the keyboard.

Here are the common arrow-key shortcuts that can be used while editing documents on the Mac (plus another fn-related shortcut for good measure). Most Mac software, including Pages and Word, supports these commands:

  • fn + Up arrow = page up
  • fn + Down arrow = page down
  • fn + Left arrow = home (beginning of document)
  • fn + Right arrow = end of document
  • fn + Delete = forward delete

Hopefully these shortcuts help you to better use office software on your Mac!

Source: Techradar all

Simple Trick To Boost Your Android

Android phones are getting faster by the day with a new flagship phone being released what seems like every month. New processors, more RAM, more efficient chips... every company is trying their best to out do one another in the speed department, but does it show 6 months down the line? In fact, many users find their smartphone to have slowed significantly just a few months of normal usage, causing them to search for solutions to the great deceleration.

There are a couple of great methods for speeding up your android phone, we found the most effective to be deleting the apps you aren't necessarily making the most use out of. As well as clearing up space on your harddrive which you can use for other files like photos or music, getting rid of applications stops them from running at all in the background and using up valuable RAM. By leaving lots of apps open and silently zapping RAM, you can't the full computing resources in the phone to work on the task in hand. Instead, it is being used to check whether or not your Candy Crush Saga lives are full or not. But optimizing your android is much more than just speeding it up a little...

One simple trick is saving people thousands

Battery life is another aspect of popular smartphones that very commonly deteriorates with usage. Don't worry, this can also be counteracted with a few tricks! The time your phone battery lasts is highly dependant on what it is doing when it is loser power, for example: if you watch super HD video on full brightness and leave lots of apps running in the background, you will quickly see the % in the top right of your screen drop from 100 to 0. Whilst watching super HD video all the time may not be normal usage, you do have a choice on brightness. We suggest keeping it as low as you can and opting for "Battery Saver Mode" when you can.

Another suggestion we would make is the use of PCProtect, an app which started out as a antivirus for android but slowly morphed into a full-blown smartphone enhancement. You can use it to sift through every app on your phone, increasing the efficiency of each and optimizing storage usage. As well as speeding up your phone, Scanguard also protects it from malware, trojans and viruses! Not many apps can claim they can do that...

Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use PCProtect™ free analysis tool to make sure they stay protected. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

To stay Malware and Virus free when using public WiFi we highly recommend using PCProtect, which will sit silently on your computer and alert you to any threats it detects.

Even if you have a new computer or don't use public wifi, we would recommend you try PCProtect™ to analyze your PC. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have malware on their computers collecting there personal information leaving you at risk of fraud or identity theft.

Click here to download PCProtect™. They are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

Don't Bank Online Before Reading This!

Banking online is extremely convenient - gone are the days of having to visit a cashpoint to see what your balance is. But online banking is far more than just checking a balance, you can see every single one of your transactions, set up and manage direct debits, standing orders and even apply for new accounts. If you bank online, it's likely won't even need to even enter your local branch in your life. Unfortunately, as with every technological advance, banking online has it's drawbacks: it is generally susceptible to hacking, but not in the way you might think...

The security measures taken by the bank themselves are some of the best in the world, their walls are near enough impenetrable! Hackers needed to get smart. In general, the only way you can enter an online banking account by submitting a username, password and giving random characters from your memorable information, so the hackers need a way of stealing this from you. The way this is done in most cases is by using keylogging software, which can record every key stroke you make whilst connected to the internet, recognizing when you connect to a banking site and sending what you type back to the hacker. 

Very recently a piece of malware was discovered that affected Android phones and spread through the Google Adsense network (the biggest advertisement delivery network in the world). The "Svpeng trojan" downloads itself, then hides the application it has created on your phone. From then, the malware creates fake phishing browser windows of banking and social media sites, tricking users into supplying their details. Over 15 million websites use Google Adsense to monetize their content, including most of the biggest sites in the world like YouTube and MSN. Most people choose not to protect their smartphone, which can be a grave mistake (especially if you use an Android phone!)...

Protecting your smartphone from malware is just as important as keeping your laptop or home computer safe as the effects can be just as devastating. We recommend PCProtect to all of our readers as a solution to the problems caused by malware on all devices.

 With their security suite you can safeguard all of your devices (laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablet) with just 1 subscription, which is great for keeping things safe and tidy. Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use PCProtect™ free analysis tool to make sure they stay protected. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

To stay safe while banking online we highly recommend using PCProtect, which will sit silently on your computer or phone and alert you to any threats it detects.

Even if you have a brand new computer or don't bank online, we would recommend you try PCProtect™ to analyze your PC. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have malware on their computers collecting there personal information leaving you at risk of fraud or identity theft.

Click here to download PCProtect™They are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

Your Personal and Financial Details are at Risk!

Malware, short for Malicious Software has been wreaking havoc on computers and networks for decades. Since the first example was found in the 70s, the numbers showing their growth are worryingly impressive: it really took until around 2005 for it to take off, but at that point there were thousands of new examples being found every day on the internet. In 2012, AV-TEST claims malware hit the 100,000,000 mark, which almost doubled in the next year alone. In 2015, the number topped half a billion different cases, with more than 1 million new ones found daily.

Now, the internet is big, but avoiding that many opportunities for malware to infect your computer is tough even if you are clued up on the subject! 

The main way people with Windows desktops or laptops protect their computer is with Microsoft's own "Security Essentials", a completely free tool and the most popular antivirus in the world. The product's popularity and success is likely due to it being included as default in every Windows machine post 2010, of which over 200,000,000 are sold every year. The next most popular for Microsoft users is Avast antivirus, with a 20% market share in the antivirus space in 2015. 

In the antivirus world, Apple Macintosh computers are often rather neglected. Most people think they don't need an antivirus for their MacBook or iMac because they "can't get viruses". The truth is, Macs are susceptible to malware, they just are less common. After all, if you were a hacker and wanted to control as many people's computers as possible in the shortest amount of time with the least effort, would you target the 10% (roughly) of the world's laptop owners? Creating malware for computers running Windows is proven and, unfortunately, yields results!

Not only do Macs need protecting, but mobiles do too! This is specifically true if you own an Android phone, as security specialists F-Secure revealed that 97% of all mobile malware is targeted at Android phones, the most popular smartphone operating system used today. You may have heard about the most recent Android security threat, a fault with Qualcomm processors which is said to affect almost 1,000,000,000 (yes, that is a billion!) users.

If you want to protect your laptop or desktop (Windows or Mac) and even want to safeguard your smartphone too, we suggest using our favourite antivirus PCProtect. We found it to be the most efficient, resource-light and friendly solution on the market. Their native applications are a great way to keep all of your personal details on lock down from any malware.

Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use PCProtect™ free analysis tool to make sure they stay protected. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

To keep your computer malware and virus free we highly recommend using PCProtect, which will sit silently on your computer and alert you to any threats it detects.

Even if you have a brand new computer, we would recommend you try PCProtect™ to analyze your PC. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have malware on their computers collecting there personal information leaving you at risk of fraud or identity theft.

Click here to download PCProtect™. They are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

Don't Go On Public Wi-FI Before Reading This!

Public WiFi is a fantastic thing, the freedom you feel of using your laptop in a coffee shop is a new age delight, But just how safe is connecting to these free open networks? What are the dangers which are waiting to compremise your personal details? And How can you stay safe and protected?

According to a Nielsen/Harris poll in March 2014, over 66% of U.S adults say they have used public WiFi with over a quarter of those admitting to checking a bank account whilst on an open, unprotected internet connection. It can seem completely harmless as the dangers aren't visible whatsoever, but they are certainly real...

A public WiFi connection is rarely protected properly, meaning hackers can intercept requests being made on the network. An example of a request is hitting "Log In" on a social media site, this sends your username / email and password over the network, to the servers of the website you are using which checks if they are correct.

If you are using public WiFi, you should hope you have input your details incorrectly, as they could well have just been sent straight to a criminal's computer! The majority of people use the same password for almost every account or service, so once one domino falls, the rest are likely to follow. Their next target is normally your email account because it can be used as a "master key" for every other account / service, sending requests to reset a password to whatever they choose.

The ramifications caused by simply signing in to a social network may seem bad, but the effects are far worse when you use your banking details on a free public wifi network: in the same way that social media logins are sent to a hackers computer (oversimplification), credit / debit card details and banking logins are susceptible. As you can imagine, credit card details can be exploited far more than social media logins. They can be used to empty your bank account or even sold on the dark web, both of which being awful options for the victim!

If You Use Public Wi-Fi on Your Phone or Tablet You Are at Risk!

This may sound very scary, but there are ways you can protect yourself. Your first option is to not use any public WiFi network, but that is a rather drastic measure and isn't necessarily a solution to our problem - consumers want to use it and stay safe while doing so. Your best option is using a AntiVirus, our favourite is Scanguard, a security suite made for smartphones, laptops and desktops. The software is primarily an antivirus, but it has a array of speed up, optimizing and security tools built right in that can be activated with one tap.

Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use ScanGuard™ free analysis tool to make sure they stay protected. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

To stay Malware and Virus free when using public WiFi we highly recommend using ScanGuard, which will sit silently on your computer and alert you to any threats it detects.

Even if you have a new computer or don't use public wifi, we would recommend you try ScanGuard™ to analyze your PC. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have malware on their computers collecting there personal information leaving you at risk of fraud or identity theft.

Click here to download ScanGuard™. They are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

This 1 Weird Trick Extends Your iPhone Battery Life

iPhone battery life has been the subject of many experiments, articles and arguments, but the mystery behind just how long your phone will last is still a case causing issues worldwide. As expected, the majority of those experiencing poor or unreliable usage times have older (1 or 2 generation late) devices, but even brand new phones can be disappointing when it comes to the power department. The latest iPhone 6S+ claims to last up to 12 hours of constant use whilst performing extremely battery-strenuous tasks such as downloading HD video.

There are a number ways you can improve your battery life significantly, the first being disabling "Background App Refresh", the option that allows for push notifications and updates to be made in apps whilst they aren't being used. Disabling background app refresh for an app can cause it to load slightly slower on reboot, but this sacrifice is most certainly worth it. Head to Settings, then General, then select "Background App Refresh", you can then go ahead and turn off the feature for whichever of your apps you don't need to refresh in the background.

By default, iPhones running the latest versions iOS will have optional visual effects running on the homepage. These visual effects can be demonstrated by heading to your home screen and tilting your phone, you should see the background moving to show the space normally hidden by app icons. This effect is called parallax and is detrimental to your power levels, so if you want to salvage some extra time you can begin by disabling the feature. To do this head to Settings, General, then Accessibility, from this page you should have the option to "Reduce Motion". Enabling this will disable parralax on the homepage and a number of other small unneccessary visual effects.

Disabling "Background App Refresh" and enabling "Reduce Motion" are helpful changes and will almost definitely help your phone last at least a little longer, but in a lot of cases its not enough. Users are still seeing their percentage level drop from 50 to 2 in what can seem like an instant, even after settings changes are made! More drastic measures need to be taken...

The next best step (in our opinion) is to sign yourself up for Scanguard, an specialising in removing duplicate files from your phone you never knew you had. Using extremely complicated algorithms, Scanguard's app can sift through ever single photo on your device... looking for images you don't need. These could be filtered images, duplicate photos, burst photos or screenshots. Find and delete these and you will clear a suprising amount of memory, allowing more to be allocated to running the phone smoothly.

The software is primarily an antivirus, but it has a array of speed up, optimizing and security tools built right in that can be activated with one tap.

Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use ScanGuard™ free speed up tool to make sure they keep their phone running as quick as possible. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Even if you have a brand new phone, we would recommend you try letting ScanGuard™ optimize your phone. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself! You’ll be surprised just how many people can significantly speed up their iPhone with just a couple changes.

Click here to download ScanGuard™

Crazy Trick Extends Your Android Battery Life

Naturally, phones begin to slow down the more they are used. In some cases, this effect is the fault of too much memory (RAM, that is) being used by an increasing amount of running applications. Or, it can be due to new operating systems exhausting the phone's computing resources so they cannot be used on other, more useful tasks like loading videos or changing from one screen to another. 

Everyone with an android wants to give it a boost, that's a given. After all, who wouldn't want a slightly quicker device to minimize the time it takes to upload an update to Facebook?

One example of a manual way you can start supercharging your android is clearing any cached data your apps have. If this isn't cleared regularly it can clog up your phone by keeping unnecessary app properties loaded. You can do this by heading to the "Device Storage" page in your Android's settings, scroll down until you see the option "Cached Data" then select it. If you've done everything right, a pop should appear on your screen giving you the option to delete the stored cache, select "OK". Cached data is simply pictures and other files loaded from within applications you have used, they stay loaded to help the app load and perform faster when you next use it. There is no danger in deleting your cached data.

Whilst manually deleting cache may be a suitable fix to the issue, no one has the time to sift through settings every time their phone needs a boost. Fortunately, there are some better options!

There are many different applications and products which can help give your device some speed up treatment when it's feeling slow, our favourite being TotalAV - as well as helping you clear cached data on demand, the TotalAV app can clear out duplicate photos (recognizing similar colours and markings in your phone's gallery, comparing every single image and allowing you to delete every twin with just 1 tap), protect your phone with an award winning antivirus and gives you the opportunity to lock apps with a pattern passcode. The software is primarily an antivirus, but it has a array of speed up, optimizing and security tools built right in that can be activated with one tap.

Thousands of people across the globe are all starting to use TotalAV™ free analysis tool to optimize their Androids. Right now this can be downloaded for free by clicking hereTo keep your phone running at it's optimum level we highly recommend using TotalAV, which doubles up as virus and malware protection for your device.

Even if you have a brand new phone or don't think you need a speed up, we would recommend you try TotalAV™ to analyze your handset anyway. Simply run a 30 second scan and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how many people have significantly sped up their phone from a few small changes.

Click here to download TotalAV™They are offering a free version of the Antivirus software which for a limited amount of time includes free Speed Boost.

Ukraine Accuses Russians For Cyber Attacks On Power Grid

Ukraine believes that hackers have used Russian internet provider and used Russian cellular network for carrying attacks on power grid station in the last December. Ukraine energy minister briefed media over cyber attacks on grid station.

It was a unique incident of the power outage in the country caused by cyber attacks. It has raised fears among the people, and it opens up the new debate of vulnerable infrastructure of the country that could also carry a potential threat from the Russian involvement.

The energy department has done an investigation into the matter and said that they didn’t accuse the Russian government of such cyber attacks that resulted in power outrage throughout the western Ukraine and compelled the government to take initiatives against the cyber threats. The investigation findings back the fears of U.S. Intelligence chief that cyber attacks in Ukraine are targeting the US national security and considered as the biggest threat to the nation.

The relations between Russia and Ukraine have already soured since the pro-Russian protests erupted in the Ukraine since March 2014.

 Hackers have not only destroyed the three power generation companies in the last December but further aggravated the situation through fake calls to the call centers of the companies to prevent identification of real customers by creating chaos in the companies.

According to the statement of the spokesperson of one power generation company, hackers accessed the internet network of the company to take control the power distribution through a computerized system. According to the deputy energy minister, hackers had planned the attack six months advance and ministry had ordered tougher security procedure in the companies.

Svetelyk said the hackers gather all the information about our system, at least, six months back, and they have been trying to access out the network for a quite long time.

Researchers at Trend Micro, a security firm, had also revealed that the software used for hack utilities of power companies were also found in some mining companies when they scanned the network of different companies. It was a planned attempt to destabilize the whole system of the Ukraine, and further probes will reveal more vulnerable in the networking of the Ukrainian companies.

Apple’s Error “53” Destroys Brand Image of iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is facing a serious issue while updating the software to iOS 9. Apple is unable to tackle the annoying questions of the users. Apple’s spokesperson said, "Error 53" surfaced in the devices because the device is being handled by third party technicians or unauthorized centers. The only reason users are facing this issue is while updating the operating system.

According to the Guardian reports, one of its reporter Antonio Olmos had been using the iPhone, and he had repaired his phone while working on the assignment in Macedonia. He told, the repair done correctly, but the phone encountered the problem during the software upgrade. Once the update is completed, the phone stopped working with the Error 53 message on the screen.

What Is Error 53?

Apple responded the Guardian’s statement, the protection of fingerprint data incorporates into the phone through a secure enclave that is also paired with the Touch ID sensor of the phone and makes a unique pair with the phone and the sensor. When Apple’s phone is repaired by the authorized service agent, then he makes sure that revalidation of the phone is done again so that it may not encounter a problem while updating the software. However, the authorized repair center doesn’t know how to pair the device correctly and they change the touch ID sensor by getting access to the primary enclave illegally. So, when the pairing doesn’t match by the OS, then it disabled the device and phone stop working.

So, when a user gets the Error 53 because the unauthorized service provider immediately starts updating the software and while updating the software, further security checks done by the OS, which results in the Error 53. So, Apple has thrown all the responsibility on the authorized service agents.

Apple’s can’t do anything with the dead cell phones, as there is no way to restore the dead phones. The saddest part about the Error 53 is that the Apple is still not able to find out the exact reason for the error, and it has potentially ruined the image of the Apple’s phone that the Apple has been enjoying for decades.

iFixit spokesperson Kyle Wiens told the Guardian that the error may be caused due to changes in the home button or cable of the iPhone. He further added that repair centers should always use the original component when restoring or updating the operating system on the phone.

Apple’s blatant effort to justify the error 53 caused an uproar to its consumers that they have to take their phones to the expensive Apple’s service centers if they encounter any technical issues or repair issuing in their phones.

However, it was not a good attempt to cool down the angry customers who have bought expensive phones and then left with no options for cheap support. It is a genuine problem with the iPhone, and it should be addressed without causing loss to the iPhone even if it is handled by the unauthorized service agents.

Google Has Started Issuing Warnings for Fake Social and Download Buttons

The internet has been continuously changing the experience of users with innovative and better technology use. However, the only thing that has not changed over the decade is the use of fake download button that often cause irritation and stress to the users who look for something useful or informative on the web. The fake buttons bring frustration among the users in seeking information and waste their precious time. Now, Google has launched a new safety feature intimating the users that the site they are going to visit has deceptive content. It will be very helpful in controlling malpractices and will discourage the creation of misleading contents over the internet.

Google’s  had already worked for protecting user’s rights and experience through its safe browsing features that have been warning users for malware and expiration of certification on the browsers. However, Google didn’t introduce any safety button for blocking fake links and misleading information. Google’s new act will help the users and protect them with deceptive content like fake download buttons and social networking ads.

You will not longer receive the alert informs of pop-ups that your computer is infected with the virus, or you need to upgrade your Windows software. Following such pop-ups or alert may carry a potential threat and can result in loss of information or possible damage to the user. Sometimes you came across such advertisements that ask you to install specific plugins to watch the video or register yourself to download the certain plugin on your system.

According to Google, such fake buttons or ads offer two types of advertising content for the users. Such ad includes:

•    It makes you feel like a trusted, or secure link that will help you to improve the speed of your system or it will speed up streaming your videos in minutes.

•    It compels you in doing something that you would only do for the trusted and patent entities.

All such advertisements will land you in hot water and triggers potential threats to damage your personal information or system. The ultimate goal of such ads is to drive traffic to their websites and generate enormous revenues in the first attempt. So, this is just part of malpractices leading websites are using to generate income irrespective of enhancing user’s experience. So, Google is committed to eliminating all the malpractices on the web and will end kids of social engineering and will make the website safer.

Netscape and AOL had first introduced such services for the users in the early 19s, but since then no one has taken the initiative in this regard.

AMD’s Carrizo Growth Halts with Poor OEM Design and Sing RAM Channel

The latest announcements of AMD’s Carrizo have not performed up to the expectations of the users, and the chip performance has raised many questions when it is compared with Kaveri. AMD’s average performance in almost all the brands and users didn’t expect much from the launch of a new processor that equips better video playback technology and integrated SOC. AMD is so hopeful with the launch of new Carrizo processor and expects that it will perform better in the 15W markets worldwide, as consumers expect more regarding performance from the AMD. Let us reveal some facts about Carrizo and Kaveri by the experts.

Kaveri vs. Carrizo

The good thing about Carrizo is that it has better performance and lower power consumption as promised by AMD. If we compare the performance of both Carrizo and Kaveri in single threaded and multi-threaded mode, then the Carrizo has better performance in both of the modes than the Kaveri. Despite the better performance of Carrizo AMD processors, the process is still assembled with single channel memory configuration, and no brand has introduced the processor with dual channel memory configuration. The unfortunate reason for such practice is the cost saving strategy by the board manufacturers. Carrizo comes with single channel supporting boards, and it couldn’t be replaced with the dual channel motherboards.

As compared to the Kaveri, Carrizo has the edge on many parameters like it has reduced consumption of power in video playback and provides support for the 4K videos. So, this doesn’t put much weight in the processor.

Carrizo vs. Core M Broadwell

Though the Broadwell comparison with the Carrizo is not as good as any other brand, but AMD’s Carrizo manages to win against Core M with Broadwell. Even with the single channel memory board, it enjoys better rating than the Kaveri and Broadwell.  Carrizo is seen as the cheap alternative of dual-core Intel processors that costs around $300 for SoCs and AMD is offering the single channel Carrizo system at the price of $150. So, it will not go for Carrizo because it is not competing with the Intel brand in price as well as in memory bandwidth.

So, the AMD processor is offering lower power consumptions than the Intel, but offering below the market price to the users who are not a good business approach to selling the brand in the market. AMD has targeted the cheap laptop market with the launch of Carrizo to get a better share of the market and reduce the gap between AMD and Intel processors. Launching Carrizo against Intel processors and chipsets was not meant to compete directly, but it was just a move to offer a better alternative to the users.

French Privacy Order Restricts Facebook

France has given limited time notice to Facebook for stopping the monitoring activities of its non- social members without their permissions in France. Furthermore, the French data protection authority has further directed Facebook to raise the password complexity to make it minimum eight characters than existing six figure passwords. Facebook had recently faced the similar order by the Belgian Privacy Commissioner to make changes in the privacy for that particular region.

Facebook responded to such request and said; privacy is the top priority of the massive social networking site.

“Our aim is to respect the privacy of individuals who use Facebook, and we do it from the depth of our heart.” Facebook is willing to engage with French Data Protection Authority to look into their concerns, said by the Facebook spokesperson.

The dominant social network can track everyone using the Facebook whether they are members or not with the special cookies installed on the system that gathers the user’s activity through the internet. The cookie used by Facebook is known as datr, and it lasted for two consecutive years.

The French Data Protection Authority further asked the Facebook management to stop transferring the personal data of its citizen to the United States as the agreement between the both countries has ended about the safe harbor. Facebook has justified its statement that they use other legal contracts to transfer the data to the United States.

However, according to the media, the agreement between US and EU permitted the transfer of data between the two countries was declared invalid in the October 2015 and a new contract is not signed and operational between the two nations.

Facebook has to comply with the condition of French Privacy Data Authority within the three months duration. Otherwise, it may have to pay the fine to Government of the France.

Study Reveals Taser Can Upset Brain Function

Students from Drexel and Arizona State have discovered that Taser shot can disrupt the brain functioning for a very short time. It stops the working of the brain for some time which results in a lack of person’s ability to remember and respond to the situation. However, some healthy and active participants survived the shock and felt less severity during the experiment. It is a unique study carried out by the researchers about the shocks produced by Taser, and it has raised grave concern about the ability of persons arrested as the result.

Researchers explain that when a person receives a shock from the Taser, it decreases the cognitive function of the brain of a healthy level of the brain to the reduced level of the brain. It could have grave consequences for the health of the people suffered from the Taser attack and raised doubts about the treatment of the police with the criminals.

A researcher at Drexel has raised serious questions about the law enforcing agencies and wants to study the full impact on the individuals to protect their rights. The Taser shot will make you feel like a sharp punch or shock that will leave you out of your senses. Tased participants had showed the huge effect on their language skills and shots caused a significant reducing in listening, speaking and thinking abilities. All the participants included in the experiments by the researchers were healthy university students who were physically and mentally ready for such tests. All the participants were alcoholic and drug-free. However, in the real scenario, we should expect the suspect being drunk, drugged and mentally sick or even experience improper cognitive functioning.

The research was conducted on the two participants and both of the groups showed a decline in the cognitive functioning. All the members suffered shocks got short term position like of dementia for about an hour. The study was sponsored by Department of Justice, and it opened a great debate to engage the public to find ways using the Taser lawfully and safely. Taser makes the suspect helpless, and he is unable to respond to the situation for very short period. The police use Taser as the primary weapon to handle the protests, crowd and tackling the criminals in most of the developed countries of the world. The excessive use of Taser raises a question about due process rights, and the government is responsible for protecting the people's right with proper implementation of the law. 

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Qualifies the US Driving Laws

U.S. Highway Security Department and regulation authority that Google’s self-driving cars may be considered as drivers under the legislation that will open new horizons of driverless vehicles on the roads of United States.

The news confirmed by the National Highway Traffic Safety, the news about the unit of the alphabet was posted on the agency’s website in the last week.

Google had submitted the proposal for self-driving car designs on 12th November 2015 to the National Highway & Traffic Safety Administration through the letter mentioning that their cars don’t need any drivers.

National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has said that they will take the driver as per Google’s motor vehicle design rather than any other component of the vehicle.

NHTSA has agreed with the Google’s vision of self-driving cars as drivers had used the conventional cars for more than centuries.

There are lots of car manufacturing companies including Google that is aiming to manufacture driverless cars with the self-driving capabilities to minimize the number of road accidents and provide safer cars to the users. However, until a few years back, lots of automobiles companies that State laws are hindering in testing and development of selfless drivers. California has made some changes in laws and proposed new changes in self-driving cars.

Karl Brauer a leading automotive research firm has raised several legal questions regarding autonomous vehicles. NHTSA has accepted to use the artificial intelligence as an alternative to human control cars. It can streamline the process of putting autonomous vehicles on the road. The Federal Agency offered a comprehensive map to Google despite legal hindrances to make them able to put their cars on the road. all the proposed conditions of the law required the desired auto safety equipment with the braking system to control the vehicle.

NHTSA raised a question for Google that how it can certify the self-driving cars can meet the standards to design vehicle for human drivers. Google has yet to analyze the NHTSA legalities, and they are taking other free car makers on board to justify all the requirements of NHTSA.

The real thing about selfless driving vehicles is to ensure the safety of the humans and how they can get control over the vehicles.

Google has shown its concern about the control of vehicles to human including steering, braking, and acceleration that could jeopardize the self-driving car system and it will conflict with the programming of the cars.

NHTSA’s spokesperson has said that incorporating equipment like steering and brakes should be properly programmed before they formally launch such vehicles on the roads. NHTSA further raised some more questions about the alerts, and if there any way humans will be informed through such alerts when a car has low tire pressure or low fuel indication.

NHTSA is committed to writing more guidelines for the self-driving vehicles and provide exemptions with supporting documents.

Honda to Formally Launch Gasoline Electric Cars in China

Honda has planned to launch formally hybrid cars in China at the end of this year in compliances of stringent fuel consumption regulations to improve the worsening air pollution in the country.

The Japanese automaker will manufacture hybrid cars with the introduction of Accord Sedan and Acura Compact sports vehicle (SUV) in the city of Guangzhou. Nakamura further told the Reuters those hybrid versions of the Superior Sedan for the users.

The objective of manufacturing hybrid cars in the China will help the company to reduce prices and increase more sales. It will also help the company to meet the regulations of China.

Chinese cities have devastating situation due to coal based power plants and heavy industry roads within the towns. The government has been trying to control the worsening situation with strict climate control laws and putting tax benefits to the new energy cars to reduce the impact pollution. The implementation of strict regulations by the Chinese Government will force the car manufacturing companies to produce fuel efficient vehicles. However, it is not clear yet how they will implement such policies on the car manufacturers to manufacture fuel effective and eco-friendly vehicles.

Honda has been advertising four gasoline-electric models in China with its new launched super compact model but due to the transportation of vehicles from Japan and the price goes up due to heavy import duties in China. The great transportation, customs and taxes result in the rise of costs of a product that is why Honda is unable to compete in the market in China.

Honda is going to start a joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd to produce gasoline engine vehicles. It will also boost its sales in China with a partnership with Dongfeng Motor Group Co Ltd. The gasoline-electric cars are the future of the automobile industry and for China, it is mandatory to introduce eco-friendly SUVs and vehicles for the consumers. It will help China to make the environment clean and allow manufacturers to enter their cars in the economy with compliance of the government.

NASA Has Released 360 Degree Surface Video of Martin Surface

If you are also dreaming to see Mars from your eyes, then it is possible now. NASA has recently released the 360 Degree videos of the surface of Mars from Curiosity field. NASA has made it possible to make your dream come true. Now you can watch the amazing video of Mar’s surface through your computer and even on your smartphone with the help of Google Cardboard. It was the same 360 Degree area that was already used by Curiosity for selfish and other images. You can see the brown dune in the video that seems exact like the dessert sand.

It is the location from where Curiosity collected the soil for research and analysis a few weeks back up to the Mountain Sharp. The bedrock of Naukluft Plateau can be seen in the right direction of the video that was firmly focused in the video.

The video was taken by Curiosity with their Mast Camera on December 18, 2015. The camera has the capability to take pictures and videos of the supporting resolution of 1600x1200 with true colors. The video was made with different snapshots, and the video is uploaded on YouTube for the viewership of the users. The video can be embedded just into your browsers, and if you want it to view it on your mobile, then you will need to install a player to watch the 360-degree video. Android and iPhone users can get the cardboard viewer application to get the best Martian experience on your Smartphone.

Cardboard viewer helps the users to get you the panoramic scene of the Mars video and aid you to focus the image on the stereoscopic mode. However, some phones don’t have the required hardware support to view the images and video captured of Martin Surface. full resolution pictures of the Mars surface can be downloaded from the NASA website, and there are lots of amended versions as well on the internet. The incredible view of Mars reveals possible secrets for the humans and scientist have started working on the soil analysis to find out if the planet has any possibilities of human survival.

Microsoft Has agreed on Publishing Patch Notes For Windows 10

The Microsoft has launched Windows 10 and it has made lots of changes in windows with windows updates. The updates did not disclose to the public, and no one knew about the upgrade. End users were not informed about the latest updates in the Windows 10 because they were not informed. Some of the updates were only communicated to the end users, and users didn't know anything.

It was not possible for the end users to solve Windows 10 issues until they know what has caused the problem. It includes basic configuration of Windows and troubleshooting the operating system.

Finally the sense prevailed and Microsoft's administration agreed to publish patch notes for updates. The Microsoft has begun publishing notes to the customers that offer solutions to users. It includes updates they made to the windows recently. Though, it was not the breaking news for Windows 10 users and but they consider it valuable. It helps them to fix their problems with latest updates. Users get the benefit of Windows patch notes in the following ways. The users could fix issues including authentication, updating and installation of utility software on windows.

It helped them to fix the issues with Microsoft Edge Browser while using the private browsing. It helps users to fix their problems in Windows 10 to get all use the Windows without any problem. 

It also fixed issues for Windows 10 that didn’t allow the availability of songs through Groove Music application. So, users still prefer to use granularity on some of these problems and people usually search the web to encounter problems faced by the user in Windows 10. They use the internet to find solutions relating to Windows 10 problems.

With the updates, the users will know what causes a problem, and they will be able to address the solutions. They can contact to Microsoft support center when they don’t find any solution to the problem. The release of Microsoft notes will be helpful for the users, and they could solve their problems just following the detail notes. It will enhance the good will of Microsoft to its customers.

It is a good move of Microsoft to improve communication on the troubleshooting of Windows 10. In future, they will address concerns relating to piracy and user monitoring.  Windows 10 is amazing outcome that surpassed the users expectations. But,  it need little improvement for tweaking update problems. 

AMD Is Planning To Launch 32 Core CPU with Dual Channel DDR 4 Interface

There are lots of rumors about AMD’s new Zen processor and its perceived performance in the market, but CERN is adding more fuel to the speculation fire. Everyone know what AMD is already offering to the users, but the new about AMD new 32-Core processor with amazing eight channel DDR4 memory interface will surely amaze the users. It's double of what Intel is offering in its most sophisticated server machines. It's a problem for the customers who want to get more channels of DDR to enhance the speed of CPU.

So far, the information revealed about Zen seems fascinating. The new design is going to add 64KB L1 cache and 512KB L2 cache for the single core. AMD is going to add 8MB L3 Cache, and it will be among the four groups of cores. So, the project details about the design and memory will improve the performance of the machine, and it will beat the Intel in price along with the performance of cores. Offering more cores in the single machine will outperform but what will be the performance of nodes frequency and power constraints.

The incorporation of 14nm technology will make AMD an amazing machine. The 32 core chip will further increase the benefit of low-clock endeavor. So, the industry has changed a lot as per core pricing for lots of applications and ecosystem. The sales cannot only be increased by giant CPU Core. So, AMD and Intel both will compete for the processing speed and other features of the CPU. This is a great move of AMD with 32 Core CPU with eight-channel DDR4 memory to enhance the speed of the processor.

AMD is struggling hard to come with the better idea of processing and equip their processors with more speed to cater the users need in a better way.

Gravitational Force Opens New Doors of Universe for First Time

Gravitational waves discovered for the first time was predicted by Einstein over hundred years ago. The US-based Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) proudly announced the news on Thursday morning from the United States of America.

It has opened the new horizons to study the universe, and it reveals more information about enigmatic objects in the universe like black holes and stars. The study of the black hole will further open the mysteries of nature and how human beings will get benefit from these gravitational waves.

Dave Reitz told that we are going to have a new universe to study and research.

Researchers have discovered the gravitational force is coming from two black holes, and the existence of these two holes was also confirmed by Einstein about 100 years ago. The two black holes orbits around each other in the circular manner and stay together. The waves produced by two black holes are the result of a collision between the two holes. The two black holes are 30 times as big as the sun and located about 1.3 billion light-years from the Earth. It is the first time scientists have seen the existence of the black holes in the universe.

LIGO  announced the news conference in the Washington. The gravitational force detected by the massive laser detectors that were installed in the Washington and Louisiana state to confirm the state of these waves.

Scientists from California institute of Technology broke the news from Washington with the collaboration of MIT and LIGO scientific organization. There were scientists from Canadian Institute of Astrophysics.

Gravity also travels like a light in the form of waves, it ripples in space and can be only measured by the laser beams.

Black Holes Merge

The laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory is the instrument that is used to measure the gravitational waves, and they are capable of detecting slight vibrations of the gravitational waves when they travel in space. The scientist converted the gravitational waves into audio waves to listen to the black holes.

It would be a great tool for the astronomy and will be very helpful for the scientist in conquering the galaxy. Scientists are using the data for scientific studies and what makes the black hole collision.

Einstein proposed the development of gravitational waves and explained the whole concept in his gravitational theory.

The entire notion of the gravitational waves surrounds around electromagnetic waves, light waves, infra and gamma rays.

Changing Date of iPhone to Back Dates Will Kill the Phone

If you are curious to modify the date settings of your iPhone to some previous years, then don’t try it because it will make your phone completely useless and it will not reboot again. The new models data settings allow changing the date to 70s, but making such change to your phone will make your phone dead permanently.

Apple has launched the iPhone in 2007 but kept the option of date change as far as 1970. In this case, your phone will reboot and display the apple screen only. It doesn’t boot further to take you on the desktop screen of your iPhone. It will not boot even if you try to connect it with iTunes and the only way you will be left with is to take your phone to the Apple’s company, and it will replace with the new phone.

All the models of Apple including iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, IPad Mini 3 and 4 face the same problem in the case of the date change. It is a bug in Apple’s OS and tested by several users, who complain that the phone doesn’t reboot when restarted after date change.

It is the possibility that the phone may encounter the problem due to time zone because most of the users who face this issue had the time zone selected as America.  Some users who had set other times zone didn’t face any problem like this. The iPhone has default time zone in GMT, so changing the date before January 1; 1970, will make this clock below zero, and it causes the problem.

IPhone automatically picks the time of your phone, but if someone wants manually changing the date on his phone, he can go to settings to change the date on his phone. The bug is found in iOS 9.3 and also affect the latest iPhone with iOS 8 or older. It is the very rare problem discovered in the Apple’s iPhone because some of the users face this issue when changed their phone dates and there is no possibility that a user will go back in the history.

Twitter’s Stock Is Falling and Its Customers Are Losing

It doesn’t seem to be falling apparently, but actually, it is. It means Twitter is no more attractive to fetch lots of customers, and its clients are going away.

According to the report, Twitter has lost almost 2 million customers in the recent three months, and its shares have suffered a lot since the news went viral on the social media.

Twitter had approximately 300 million loyal users at the end of the year 2015. Facebook and Google have 1.6 and 1.o billion of active users with some products target to diverse customers. Even a small niche like Instagram has more users than of Twitter i.e. 400 million. Despite massive sales of Twitter from tweets and partnership, their client base is growing at snail’s pace. Twitter is unable to expand the customers reach and targets the customers as compared to other niches of the rivals.

Twitter has made several changes to their site including product design, management, and new features have been incorporated, but they are not sufficient to engage the customers into Twitter’s products. Their growth is stagnant, and they are unable to make more profits from a huge platform.

Twitter is conscious about the changing graphs and declining customers, it has offered a few products to put some impact on the declining figure. A new algorithm announced by the Twitter that will change continuous feeds, and the management is very hopeful that the new changes will pull the customers, and they would be able to make more tweets efficiently.

Twitter is going to offer more intuitive features that will enhance its service, and they will also be able to fix the broken windows that are restricting the growth of the customers. They are also thinking to change the timeline of the application.

However, the management of Twitter is facing a lot of crises, and there is a whole mess of the higher administration of the company. Recent announcements show that more people from top management of the Twitter are quitting the job.

Dorsey, a new CEO is committed to bringingp back the potential growth and recruiting talented staff to achieve the goals of the organization.

A Study Suggests Women Writes Better Code

A new research study reveals that women code better than men. The code approval of women is higher than of men. The United States researchers have studied over 1.4 million programs source codes that were also shared on Github.

The researchers have found that the code written by women are accepted than of the men. However, the paper still requires review by the peers.

Researchers from the computer science department belonging to North Carolina State University, Cal Poly and San Luis computer science department. All the researchers have studied 4 million coders registered at Github.

Github is a great community of developers with millions of users worldwide. The researchers have assessed the genders from their profiles because the members were also using Google plus social networking. The researchers have taken the data without informing the users, but their intentions were not to compromise the privacy of users.

The pull request of 78.6 % of the women was accepted as compared to the 74.6% of the man. Researchers have intensely studied the skills of women. They considered different factors including responsiveness of women, a better understanding of issues, the programming language used by women and contributions to the programming. All these factors were easier to appraise but the researchers couldn’t able to find a correlation between the different factors.

There were no biases of gender between men and women. Apparently, women acceptance ratio is higher than the men, but if their gender is not visible and their country of origin is not outside the United States.

Researchers found women on Github more skillful and talented than the men. However, there is a great debate for recruiting the diverse workforce, especially in the programming firms. Facebook and Google have 16% and 18% of their workforce consist of women only.

However, freelance programmer ratio of women is comparatively higher than of the working women associated with any firm or company; researchers said to BBC.

So, it is proved women are better code than the men, and they should be given more chances to work in high tech firms.

LG Plans to Launch New X Cam and X Screen Phones Ahead

2016 will be going an exciting year for the LG users as the company plans to launch new models with X Cam and X screen phone for this new year. It will surely surprise the users worldwide.

LG has already offered something new to its customers with the new cover G5 that just released on the last Monday and showcased in Barcelona. LG X Series phones will supposedly hit the market with 13 Mega Pixel and 5.0 Mega Pixel dual rear cameras respectively. The 1.76 inch X touch screen with 4.93 basic touch screen for its users. It will enhance the user's experience in using the applications and answering the phone calls in a better way.

LG is going to be the first company that plans to launch X Cam incorporating two cameras on the rear that will add incredible experience to the smartphones, but it has not revealed the detail of cameras that it is going to offer in the new lineup. There could be a possibility that X Cam will add optical zoom like Apple iPhone 7 is planning to offer its customers, and it will capture great images with two cameras and helps in zooming the cameras more efficiently.

LG G5 will bring lots of changes in the mobile phone, and it will amaze your experience with the better camera and screen as well. LG is planning to offer two handsets in Asia, Europe and America in the coming months. LG is planning to launch its much-hyped phone at the end of February 2016 in the World Mobile Congress 2016 with X Cam and X Screen features on their mobile phones.

They will offer more reviews, features, functions and analysis of the cell phones during the World Mobile Congress.  The much-awaited phone expectedly offers Octa Core Processor, 16 GB internal memory with slots expandable up to 2TB of MicroSD card. 8 Mega Pixel front camera and 4G LTE equipment with 2500+ mAH battery will surely give something worthwhile to the mobile users.

Science Professor Says Robots Will Increase Unemployment Up to 50% In Coming Years

Though it cannot be justified technically, a computer engineer teaches at the University believes that Robots are going to put human beings in a miserable situation in the future.

He said the future will be very different as predicted by the people and we will become part of robots in the future. Ray Kurzwell, Director of Engineering at Google believes so.

Robots will completely replace human beings and you have nothing to do yourself. If you have money, then you can enjoy leisure time, eat and spend most of your time in your favorite hobbies.

Professor Moshe Vardi paints the miserable picture of the new world during a speech to the American Association in Washington DC.

Professor Moshe Vardi is teaching the computer engineering to the students at Rice University. The University has provided some details about the Professor speech and a gloomy picture for the future of human beings.

Vardi said, the technology will ultimately benefit to the humanity at the end.  According to Vardi, human beings will not face any hassles, if all the work is done by machines and people will be able to enjoy full leisure time. But he says, he doesn't believe in the leisure life as fruitful and weight the viable future for the human beings.

He says after 30 years computer will be able to perform any job a human can do and he foresees massive unemployment in future that will touch the huge figure of 50% at the end of 2045.

The question is how to stop such advancement of robots and machine? It may be possible for the government to limit the use of artificial intelligence in the coming years. Varie told participants; it is hard to stop technology growth as the genie is out of the bottle. It is a need of time to carry out research to find ways that can help the society to cope the challenges of technological advancement in the country. There is a need to do something worthwhile, and if we wait for more time, then there will be no chance to control the technology in future.

Apart from Vardi, Stephen Hawking is also worried about the growing use of technology and said that it will make the worse situation for the human beings.

Lots of giant companies including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, is committed to using artificial intelligence to get technological benefits, but the consequences of the technology on human lives are unpredictable.

Apple’s Music Get Subscribers at Very Fast Speed

Apple has recently launched music for its subscribers, and it has gained immense popularity among the users. The new music service has gained a lot of popularity by the users and till now 11 million subscribers have joined the Apple’s music.

Apple’s executives Craig Federighi and Eddy Cure also confirmed the number of customers through the email. The streaming music has exploded the mobile users industry in the past few years. Apple is planning to get 10 million subscribers who use the streaming music services in $10 charges per month. Apple took just six months to reach the number of subscribers and their rivals Spotify has got the same subscribers in almost six years. So, it is a great success for the Apple to get a huge number of subscribers in a very short period. Apple has extended its streaming services in Google’s Android that has billions of customers worldwide.

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, confirmed that approximately 6.5 million users had subscribed the streaming service that launched at the end of June. Apple has subscribers worldwide, users in the United Kingdom get £10 music service per month and $12 per month for the Australian users.

The growing customers base put enormous pressure on the competitors, and Apple is going to acquire the biggest music streaming service through a deal. Apple’s competitor for music streaming is losing its customers, and their clients are joining Apple’s music streaming services.

Spotify, a major competitor for Apple Music, has music service in the UK, and the US has nearly 20 million paid and 70 million free subscribers worldwide.

Apple has almost 800 million iCloud subscribers that use the services on more than 1 billion devices of Apple. Apple has 200,000 iMessages cycle through every second and currently there are 750 million transactions per week.

Apple’s music streaming is getting popularity day by day, and it is continuously damaging its competitors and enjoying huge popularity in the industry.

iPhone 7 – New Specs, Features and Designs for Apple’s 2016 Lineup

Since the news about Apple’s iPhone 7 went viral, Apple’s fans began exploring the internet with new phone rumors, desired features and news surrounding the World Wide Web nowadays.

However, Apple remained silent on the next generation phone, and it has made a huge curiosity among the users who have been anxiously waiting for the new iPhone look, features, and design. So, we are going to update you with the new gossips about the most desirous phone with its unique characteristics and news around us.

Most of the Apple’s phones launched in the fall, so we should expect the same about the upcoming iPhone 7 in the same period of the year 2016. However, there is no official statement about the release of the phone by Apple. The expected date for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 is March 2016. Apple may launch another iPhone 6C before the big launch of iPhone 7 and add more phones to its lineup.

Design of iPhone 7

We have been looking the same old stereotyped designs for most of its lineup. However, we should expect a complete redesign of new phone with more innovation and changes in the original shape of iPhone. According to 9to5Mac reports, Apple is currently considering multiple changes to the iPhone 7 including thinner look and backup design of old shaped iPhone 6S. Apple iPhone 7 will bring something compact and without the support of Antenna unlike old phones. So, we are expecting that Apple will launch 5.5 inches plus size phone for its users. Some users say that Apple should start waterproof phone because lots of people have lost their phones when dropped into the water.

Business Insider reports that Apple has applied for the new waterproof patents and in future the company will be able to bring waterproof phones. There is a possibility that Apple will launch Bluetooth earphones in the latest iPhone 7. With the presence of simple design and buttonless iPhone would further eliminate the need of “always on hands free” with 3D touch screen in the latest iPhone.


The new display will provide more resistance for scratch and shatter than offered in the previous models of Apple. IPhone 7 will come with the sapphire display, and OLED technology will provide great assortment to the phone users. Apple is going to introduce new technology in the phone camera that will help the users to computer images of DLSR quality in the future phone.

So, there are lots of rumors circulating in the media and internet about the new iPhone 7, but actual details will be provided in the official statement about its much awaited iPhone 7 on the release.

Samsung Offers OS Upgrade for Its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Owning a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge with the outdated operating system, and then don’t feel disappointed because Samsung has big news for disgruntled users. Samsung will surprise its users with new Android upgrade to the existing models of S6 and S6 Edge. Both of the modern phones of Samsung will be upgraded with new operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Samsung users will be able to upgrade their devices gradually as the new models will be equipped with Marshmallow upgrade. However, the update depends on the subscription of the plan and mobile carrier you have used on the cell phone. It is not clear whether S6 Edge would get the OS update or not.

It would revive the Samsung old models and will give them a new look to the older phones including Samsung S6 and S6 Edge. Android Marshmallow is a great operating system that brings new features, designs, more battery life and sophisticated built-in applications for the mobile users. It is the biggest change announced by the Google announced back in the year 2015 for its new Nexus phones.

Android has an excellent reputation in the mobile world and widely used in the larger smartphones worldwide. Most of the customers who know about operating system prefer phones with updated operating system. Phones with updated OS offer new features and functionalities to the users, so if they don’t buy specific phones, then they don’t get new characteristics of the software.

Samsung is also planning to upgrade the Edge screen along with the Android Marshmallow. It will expand the width of the panel to the down side that will be helpful for the customers to reach contacts, use tools and applications through the main screen.

Google is facing tough competition from its competitors including HTC and LG, which are going to upgrade with Android Marshmallow. Android Marshmallow will offer more prestige to Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge that will amaze the users of Android phone. Samsung has also announced to launch new flagship phones including Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on the coming Mobile World Congress at the Barcelona show.

Best SUV with Modern Wheel System for Snow and Ice Drive

Are you looking for a car that offers all-wheel drive? We all love to buy such cars with the capability of all-wheel drive i.e. it support driving on snow and ice as well. AWD is one of the best car sellers that sell all wheel system drive for the customers. Subaru’s all-wheel drive has been rated as best for years, and Mazda is the second car that beats the competition with following the AWD. All wheel drives made a tremendous impact in changing your experience in winter and proved successful in snowy and icy locations across the Canada and US.

All-wheel Drive vehicles favor your journey in the toughest weather conditions. There is a vast difference between all seasons and winter tires in performance in the inclement weather. If you want an affordable SUV like Mazda Crossovers equipped with i-Activ AWD proven great with equal performance to Subaru with better cases.

Let’s learn more about AWD, in most of all wheels drive, the front wheels are only powerful and controls the vehicle, but the rear wheels works like the standard car models. AWD has jumped into the market at the right time, and it has helped the economy to hit with most affordable all-wheel cars. “All Wheels Drive” means vehicles with four wheel drive with 100 to 250 pounds of weight.

If we look at the medium range price cars, then Subaru’s all-wheel drive is an exceptional choice with AWD design philosophy. Such vehicles support front and rear torque to give the better grip on the roads. Car’s center allows front and rear wheels to move differently at various speed. Subaru is considered as an ideal choice for the drive in winter, and it comes in the under the price of $50,000. You can check the performance of Subaru on YouTube offering high range drive on the snowy and mountainous ranges.

Mazda All-Wheel Drive

Mazda’s Predictive is the all-wheel drive crossover SUVs. It has i-Active system delivery most of the powers to the front wheels. Sensors installed on the front wheels stops the tire slip and shift the power to the front and rear wheels respectively before it gets noticed by the driver.

BMW Supports All-Wheel Drive

BMW supports all-wheel drive supports in its models like Lexus and Mercedes-Benz cars that use splits the torque on front and rear vehicles up to 50/50 basis and get 50% power on the front wheels. Similarly, Audi’s Quattro has something AWD features in their cars that divide the torque on the front, center and rear. It distributes power to the front, center and rear portion of the vehicle to keep the car in contact even in the show and ice.

Sony Plans to Launch Best LED TVs In 2016

Sony is planning to add a new lineup to its existing products with better picture quality and to concentrate high-end new market. Sony will use a combination of LED LCD Technology, and it will cost more price than the OLED back LG models that offer exceptional picture quality anyone can imagine.

LG is offering best picture quality OLED 65 inch flat TV in the price of $5000, and it has earned a lot of name in the electronics due to its quality. Sony’s has offered cheapest 55 inch LED TV in the market, and its price is even higher than the LG LED TVs. However, Sony’s representative told the media that the company is going to launch cheaper LED LCD TVs in the year 2016.

Sony is expected to add something intriguing to their lineup that will amaze the users experience with its lineup. Sony displayed the basic look of their TVs at CES 2016 that named as XBR-X930D with that added the new slim backlight drives.

The new expected lineup of the Sony LED TVs is as follows:

•    55 inch HDR compatible Model XBR-55X850D in the price of $2499

•    65 inch HDR fit Model XBR-65X850D in the price of $3499

•    75 inch HDR compatible Model XBR-75X850D in the price of $4999


Apple has offered the variation of LCD with slim backlight drive in the different price range to give consumers more choice the X series TV are available in various ranges in the least prices. The new lineup comes with HDR video range and incorporates unusual color technology in the new TVs. New TVs supports 4K resolution and better color contrasts. Sony is committed to making its products more innovative and state of the art.

However, some TVs have missing HDR that makes the picture brighter and lighting with improved image quality as compared to the models offered in 2015. The new technology will allow more glowing TV screen, specific dimming zones, and little spillover out of the zones.

Acer Comes Back In New Look With Chromebook R11

Acer’s new Chromebook R11 is one of the inexpensive laptop brand equipped with Google’s 360-degree hinge with the wide touch screen support. It provides tricky handling of browser and navigation through the touch screen. It comes with lots of built-in applications, and you can even find applications in Windows and Apple’s OS X in the Acer Chrome book R11. It has very affordable design with hybrid design and offers a great value of money in the lineup of laptops. Chromebook is fit for the purpose and should be delivered at a reasonable price to meet the competition in the market.

Acer offered to the users with the base price of $279 and its quite affordable tablet with the touch screen display, and 360 degrees hinge capability that makes it folded even better than the chunky tablet. It stands out in the crowd due to this touch screen display and 360-degree hinge.

Acer’s Chromebook R11 has hit the market with 11.6-inch display with the screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Though it is the least resolution that comes in the laptop, the price is quite reasonable. IPS display that makes its colors extremely well and runs the videos lively makes your day with this resolution. Though, fluctuations on the screen create problems sometimes. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi radius makes it hard for the signals to come smoothly and it makes a wrong impression when signals are dropped in the sunlight. It works on the Chrome operating system and includes Google applications that work well with the OS, and Chromebook unique selling proposition is its 360-degree hinge feature that somehow obstructs the touch screen, but overall it’s good. It is highly flexible and folds smoothly like the friendly tablet; it is best to scroll the WebPages and converts the windows into standard size to ensure full display.

However, Chromebook comes with Chrome OS that makes some applications conflict when view on the touch screen because it makes hard for the users to navigate through the applications, bookmarks and websites that require a mouse to click the sites.

Virtual Reality Will Soon Help Stroke Patients to Recover

Virtual Reality Goggles could be used by the doctors in the United States for the treatment of stroke victims. Research has found new possibilities of treatment of strokes with the help of virtual reality goggles.

A Switzerland-based firm has made $100 million investment in the technology to make use of virtual reality with neuroscience hardware to bring a solution to the investment. The technology is approved by the European Parliament that could help the victims to get possible treatment with the virtual reality.

Tej Tadi, CEO of MindMaze explains how a stroke victim can get benefit from the technology. Suppose a person has lost her left hand and only able to move the right hand, the virtual reality goggles help the patient to imagine moving her left hand like the right one.

Virtual reality goggles contribute to triggering the brain and help the victim to gain control his hand. It is possible that the hands start working on the use of the application. The conceptualization of working hand triggers the brain, and it helps in recovering the victim in a short span of time.

He said it is the year when the virtual reality is about to take the start in the Europe. Lots of companies including Samsung, HTC or Facebook, is planning to launch virtual reality handsets. The use of technology will change the way we deal with the gadgets and will create wonder in the video games industry altogether. Virtual reality can help in some areas, and health is on top of them.

According to the Blau, a virtual reality researcher who has been studying since the 1990s claims that there is a great potential to use the virtual reality in the field of health care. Virtual reality triggers the brain by making the victim believe with the help virtual reality. There is a high demand of VU in the field of medicine and health.

Virtual reality is currently using in the healthcare for a quite long time and helps the patients to overcome some phobias. Some studies suggest that the virtual reality is helpful in overcoming the fears of spiders.

The increasing performance of virtual reality goggles helping the doctors in preparing most stressful situations for operation, and that are impossible to carry in the real life.

Virtual reality is more used in the gaming and entertainment industry. According to the Gartner, there is a little investment made in the virtual reality startups in the recent years and only a few projects of health were taken with the use of virtual reality.

CEO Tadi is not sure how much their device will cost in the US or around the world, but he is sure that it will be very useful for the health care in future.

Apple Defies Orders To unlock iPhone

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has rejected the court order to unlock terrorist iPhone. He called the situation as Chilling and denied to help FBI cracking the iPhone of the terrorist.

FBI wants Tim Cook to develop a unique operating system, but according to Cook, it will cause damage to all the iPhone and will damage the reputation of the company.

He further said that government wants us to take extraordinary steps that could jeopardize the security of our customers.

A judge in the United States orders the company to help the FBI in unlocking the iPhone of the involved terrorists in the attack last December in San Bernardino, California. “US government has asked us to do that are very concerning and dangerous to our users. In other words, the government is asking us to create a backdoor for the iPhone.”

Encryption has always been the topic of debate between the law enforcement companies and technology companies. Some companies are encrypting the data of their users in a way that they don’t even know themselves or cannot access the data. However, the encryption also helps the criminal to communicate with each other without being noticed by the government.

IPhone has the feature that it wipes the phones while entering the wrong password for the ten consecutive phones. If you disabled this feature, then anyone could try unlimited passwords until he finds the first one. FBI is seeking to access the iPhone that was used in the terrorist attack resulting in the death of 14 people with 22 injured in the assault.

The government asked Apple to create software that doesn't erase the data on the wrong password, and it is not possible for the Apple to code a software specific for the phone.

If he creates such software, then it could be used by some devices and will able the software to lock hundreds of phones at once.

The government wants Apple to circumvent its security that will make the safety of the company worse and it could damage the negotiations with the government, private businesses and consumers on the grounds of security and surveillance.

Cook Said, “We are ready to help the government to solve the matter, but we are unable to create a backdoor for our products”. He further told that this would undermine the security efforts and will confiscate the rights of freedom that our government wants to protect.